Monday, 14 November 2005

Fully thawed now

but by gum, it was cold this morning (on a motorbike). 60mph was as much as my poor face could stand from windblast.

Waiting to hear if a guitar is available. At Music live I spent best part of an hour on one stand, trying diff guitars. I spent most of the time playing one of these. At the time it seemed good, but not great, however the memory of it just kept coming back. Eventually called the manufacturer to ask if it had been sold (the one I played was slightly different, with 2 humbuckers, rather than the standard 1 bucker, 1 P90). Now I'm waiting to find out if it's still there.

What makes it special?

It played like it was alive a little. Plus the PUs can be switched to single coil for stratty type tones, but without the usual thin, weedy nasal sounds that split buckers usually make. JJ have some custom tone circuitry that keeps the pickup tone balanced, and these are specially made Dimarzios that can't be found anywhere else. It'll go from a fair rock attack to a rich funky feel just by pulling the tone knob. The fingerboard was tight enough grained that I initially though it was ebony, and the finish is really nice too.

We'll see.

It's not free, but the Gibson V is up for sale if anyone wants it (£300 obo).

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