Saturday, 12 November 2005

I've just finished recording.

Made a bunch of demos of that amp I built a couple of weeks ago. You can find them in 'The Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner' (see my links). Recording always reminds me why I'm a better 'live' guitarist - in live performance no-one can rewind and listen to your mistakes.

Olivia - there's one dedicated to you there too.

Some are just a bit raucous, as they're demoing the drive channel for rythm work. I was pleased with bits of both versions using the clean backing track. The clean one (November Saturday) has lots of space and feels quite sensitive. The version with the overdriven lead (Olivia's song) was a slightly more conservative take. With some there was a definite Gary Moore thing happening - unfortunately spoiled by mistakes later in the take.

If you listen I hope you enjoy them.

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