Monday, 2 February 2004

Useful time tonight

I've mentioned before that we're trying to 'follow the cloud' as a church. Well, in no area has this been more apparent than our worship.

In July we had a 'full band' of dedicated worship leaders, singers and musicians. From the start of August this was trimmed to 1 guitar (at first) subsequently supported by a keyboard. In the autumn we added a worship 'facilitator', not to lead so much as guide things a bit. To begin with it was great, but became increasingly uncomfy, and around Christmas it became rather difficult and it would be fair to say that we'd lost our way in worship. Recently things have picked up, and it feels like we're heading back toward where we should be.

It's my responsibility to look after the worship team, under eldership covering. Tonight I met with the whole leadership team, plus one of the guys from Oxford centre (Geoff Norridge) that has input into the fellowship.We talked around things, where we'd been, where we wanted to go and the means by which we might get there. It's kind of tricky, because in the church there are those that would like a full band back, while there are others that are really glad to have things much more 'approachable'. My personal preference was for a full band, and I presented that as such. However my heart is that we'll have whatever works best for the church. It's slightly tricky, because I've been having to talk with some individuals that are NOT happy, and present the leadership view while suppressing my personal feelings. But hey, such is delegated authority.

The one sticking point is that many of the worship team would like a mid-week worship meeting. However many of the team are also very tardy about the main midweek meetings - not good, since we see the real life of the church working in these small groups. I feel sure that if they were all dedicated and committed to the family groups then it wouldn't be an issue. However, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it think. I'm sure they don't perceive this as an issue for themselves.

Interesting times ahead then.

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