Sunday, 15 February 2004

Tired this W/E

That prayer meeting, together with a late shopping trip Thursday night/Friday morning seems to have really taken out of me this Weekend. Saturday I should have been riding, but just couldn't face getting up in time to hit the trails at 10.00 (a late start too). Spent some of Saturday servicing the bikes instead (badly needed, but the main bike is restored to feeling wonderful again). Discovered I need a new mech hanger for Sharon (the saracen) - the old one got bent on one of my prangs time before last. At least that explains why it wouldn't get in gear properly. Still need to swap the bars, replace some tyres, fix a puncture or 3 and do a few odds and ends.

Today we drove down to see my mother in London. Chris is doing a craft course in central London tomorrow (learning to use a special clay that turns to silver metal when heated). She has stayed there tonight, giving the two women time together. It's amazing how she has just adopted into the family - they are like mother and daughter, and I'm really glad that she has become part of the family by more than marriage.

As for Muzzie, she's really not well. Her Myasthenia is controlled but has left her so weak that walking more than 100 yards is quite difficult. The medication has also brought on irritable bowel syndrome, and she's unable to eat properly, although she's pleased to be losing some of the steroid-induced weight. We were talking today about some of the things shes doing. Part of her work is to act as 'spiritual director' for a number of people, as well as counselling one or 2 of her old clients, left from when she was healthier. She had volunteered to take on 2 more people on the spiritual direction side. And all this when she has days when getting out of bed is a challenge. I'd struggle to find a parent that could set a much better example of love and self sacrifice (or hard-headed stupidity!).

On the way down I was fighting to stay awake. Once we'd got there I just kept falling asleep in the chair. Ended up just having to get up and walk while trying to talk. I don't want to miss out on time with here; I know there can't be more than about 5 years left, and I want to make sure we have time together.

On a similar but different note, heard the results of Chris's mum's cancer. It's level 3, and had got to the lymph nodes from the original mass. She'll be having radio-therapy once the wound has healed.

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