Wednesday, 4 February 2004

It's been a very long time.

Since I was last astonished by anything software based. I have to say that, frankly, my ghast is well and truely flabbered.

I've always had a passing fancy for LINUX, even to the point of obtaining a full Mandrake 9 distro. However installing it was another matter, and although it went on OK, support for things like LCD monitors (all I had available on the system I wanted to evaluate) wasn't there.

Anyway on a whim I bought this months (March 2004) Personal computer world, which had an evaluation of the most common LINUX distros. Included on the DVD was a full distro for Knoppix LINUX. This is a single 699Mb ISO file that, when used to create a CD, will boot straight into the OS, complete with office suite, browser, everything you need to get started.

I'm typing this from my work laptop, running knoppix. I popped the CD in no more than 10 mins ago, and I'm working on a full configured computer! Fancy changing OS in your coffee break? To get to this condition with a winbox would take - oh - 2 hours minimum. Probably a lot more. Auto detection appears sorted.

And what is more, this is all running off the CD - no intrusion on the HDD - using a RAM disc. I can save data to the HD, memory stick or floppy if I want to, but otherwise I can work very happily. And if it all goes wrong? Reboot and you have a fresh install. No dual boot hassles. No risky partitioning. Apparently you can have your (LINUX) cake and eat it too.

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