Monday, 23 February 2004

Thin posting ahead.

I'm due to be working in Bristol for the next few days. However because it's only a couple of hours drive I can't really justify staying over. That means I'll be leaving at 7.00 to 7.30ish and getting back between 7.30 and 8pm. Great.

To cap it all, the kit that should have been here on Thursday for preparation/testing will arrive around midday today (maybe?) and have to be un-crated and re-assembled before loading into the back of a van and driven down.

And frankly, I've got a headache, think I'm running a temperature and don't really feel inclined to spend 4 hours driving + playing removal man cum engineer. Pays the bills I guess.

And we had a bit of a surprise yesterday. Barrie (the guy that heads up Bicester Community Church) is moving on to plant a church in Banbury. There is a certain amount of prayer and questioning going on at the mo'. Not least, if he's pioneering, should we join him? We need to hear from God on this, but I've been increasingly unsettled for the last year or 2, missing being out on a limb where God has to work. We have always been a bit 'pioneer' ourselves, and while we can and do function as 'middle management' it's all a bit too safe and predictable. But it's no good, just following someone else's calling. Time to pray and fast a bit (more).

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