Saturday, 18 May 2013

The ultimate day?

If yesterday was the penultimate.

And so..... all good things must come to an end.

Back to Harare, a visit to some more of M&M's family (good to meet them) then to lunch, a flea market at Arundel centre, drive through the centre of Harare to catch a feel for the place (it's like the rest of Zimbabwe, only busier) back to Dandaro for a pre-travel rest, then to the airport, where I'm writing these last few lines.


It's been really good, we're ready to finish travelling now and be home.

The journey home was uneventful, although the plane was just as crowded as on the way out, and with some of the same people we'd travelled with on that journey (I recognised an Italian group). It finally left Harare at 9.30pm, did a 45min hop to Lusaka where it sat 90min, then 9 ½ hours to Amsterdam, arriving around 9.20am. Caught the 12.20 back to Birmingham, through immigration & baggage claim by about 1.10 and home by 2.30pm.

Bushed, but glad to be back. 

Ben has kept the house well - best I can remember coming home to, and even the washing up was done, though that may have been the influence of a certain young lady.

Obviously this is all retrospective, and we've now had a couple of weeks to process our experiences, but that will be another post (and lots of conversations to have as well). I'm glad we went, because we do have at least a bit more insight and understanding of the experiences and culture of our friends. And who knows where this may eventually lead?

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