Friday, 17 May 2013

The penultimate day.

Was spent relaxing again.

After a leisurely breakfast we visited the caves at chinhoyi. The first consists of a tunnel through a hillside in which the local Shona people used to shelter when attacked by other tribes. This tunnel ran for about 100m before opening out into a wide chimney and the sleeping pool: a curiously blue lake at the bottom that is apparently at least 350 feet deep (and >4000 feet above sea level). The lake is sometimes used for diver training, and there was a diving party submerged when we arrived. The water level was also lower than usual, which surprised our hosts since the usual activities that might draw lots of water (i.e. farming) weren't happening.

We went back up the steps that led through the main cave, then along another path to The Dark Cave, which in contradiction of it's name, was lit by electric lamps. It was a typical cave with interesting nooks & crannies, dark and hidden bits, stalactites and various walkways: not hugely extensive, but not just a small hole in the rocks either. One tunnel also led out to a section that looked directly down on the sleeping pool from the rear of that cave.

We headed back to Chinhoyi centre, where we bought a few groceries plus pizza for lunch, then relaxed around in the house & garden and I wrote up most of the activities from the last few days. In relief from the vast amounts of meat that had been eaten while at Kariba, we had baked potatoes, tuna and cheese for tea. Nice.

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