Thursday, 16 May 2013

Day 4 started with a bump.


I was awoken by a loud and jarring thump that sounded as though the boat had been hit hard by something large, and produced the immediate thought that somehow the boat was being attacked by hippos. There came a gentle rocking sensation, and a few seconds later there followed a series of smaller, then larger thumps and bangs.

We had moored in a bay that, the previous night, looked not only idyllic, but was also dead-calm and seemed sheltered. So much for appearances!

Presumably because of the calm, the boat had been moored loose, and although the crew tightened the lines a little later in the evening, they were still fairly slack. When the wind and the water picked up a little later in the night, voila, the boat moved around with them and repeatedly bumped the rocky shore, waking almost everyone. We'd planned an early start anyway, so this was a little bit of nature's alarm clock.

Cold showers also help one wake up.

Our final trip back to port showed the lake wasn't always dead calm, and as alluded to earlier, the pontoon design floats like a cork, rather than cutting through the water like a hull. If I ever owned a boat like this I think it should be named 'Bob'. There came one moment when we made a valiant rescue as the table tried to take leave of the upper deck, along with breakfast, but no-one was seasick and we made it back in one piece. However the day after, even as I write this I have retained one final legacy of Kariba, and when ever I lean on something solid I have the sensation of a boat swaying under me.

Back home to Chinhoyi, unload, shower for those who didn't want a cold one, catch up emails, sort and compare photos, relax. Sleep.

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