Monday, 22 March 2010

It's a funny experience

doing the Linux thing.

Here I am, upstairs, having just done *yet another* rebuild with a fresh flavour this evening. I'd heard good reports of Ubuntu 10.04 M3, so downloaded and gave it a try. Crash city. Neither Ubuntu 9.10, nor Sabayon 5.0 would recognise my Tenda USB wireless network connector - odd because I'm sure 9.10 recognised it previously.

One of the older HDDs was getting a bit flakey anyway, so I pulled it out and popped another drive in. This time wiped and did a fresh install of Sabayon 5.10 (bundled with lots of 3D games (theoretically great!) but also with a Gnome desktop (not so great - I prefer KDE). Couldn't get it to reconise the Tenda USB wireless again (and Gnome had hidden whatever it uses for a hardware manager somewhere, so I can use an NDIS wrapper on the win driver!).

On the off chance I popped into Ben's room and borrowed the 'old' Netgear wireless stick. Popped it in, HDD makes noises, light starts flickering, then the networking icon changed and suddenly it's connected.

Why am I up here?

Ben's PC has 'fried' (maybe) it's PSU, and since he can't live without either watching a DVD or being online, he's watching Oceans 11 with Chris downstairs. I'm up here, installing, fiddling and reading a book while stuff loads. I'd hoped for some practice time on Bass downstairs this evening, but the way things have panned out it's not happening. Oh well, tomorrow night will have to do.

wonders will never cease apparently! Not only has the package manager found there are new package updates available, but it's actually connected to the repository, and is downloading them now. Last time that ever worked for me was with the power edition of Mandriva 2008. Ubuntu has never been successful, and it's one of the reasons (I reckon) why Ubuntu studio was a failure for me

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