Wednesday, 31 March 2010

It's 2.13am

I seem to be having nerve troubles in my left arm, and can't find a position in bed where it doesn't ache. That and I have a bunch of stuff whirling round in my head that won't go away. How many times does one have to keep bringing issues and hurts back to the cross before they go away (the answer seems to be a larger number than I've tried).

So here I sit (and I'm tempted to complete the limerick "broken hearted....." but good taste prevents me). I've got 'The Graduate' on DVD upstairs, and it's a classic film & a bit of (nasty) culture, so I might try to finish it. I did start, but it was painfully, embarrassingly uncomfortable to watch in the same way that Laurel and Hardy is. However I'm not sure I can bear that much awkwardness. The photography however is really quite special, and a lot of thought was obviously put in, rather than just filming it as a straight drama cum sit-com.

Yep, it's seriously embarrassing further in too, but I'd not remembered the ending properly - at least it's happy.

So here I sit. Looks like today will be a wash out.

Oh, it seems I DO need a new bass amp. The 'freebie' I was kindly donated popped tonight, and is no longer operational. Ho hum. Anybody want to buy a Heritage H150CM 'Les Paul'?

Oh, one last thing.

Anyone know where the 'Thunderbird' profile lives in Linux? I've managed to install it OK (the menu link went into 'office' instead of 'internet' - yep, really) but the profile (or any of the software) doesn't appear in the Home directory like the online instructions tell me it does. I'd like to attempt to move across all my emails and settings & with that done the migration will be near enough complete for it to replace this winbox. Even managed to edit some audio using Audacity this evening.

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