Friday, 26 March 2010

After successfully installing Sabayon 5.1 Gnome

Today I downloaded Sabayon 5.2 KDE (had no idea there was a new revision already*).

I'm not sure whether it's the difference between KDE and Gnome, whether they've updated the drivers between versions or even if this is the effect of a better colour scheme (nah, not that) but this one looks really stunning, even on a budget 19" 1440 X 900 flat panel monitor. Screen fonts are good, images sharp (it's not just me - I can see the pixellation failure on the .jpg in the post below) and it *feels* really swish.

It doesn't have a *professional* feeling to it, like a Microsoft product, but it does have that kind of niceness and sense of invitation that Macs used to own and do no longer. Bet it's a dozen times harder to learn how to use well than a Mac though, but that's all part of the Linux experience too. Considering I'm running off a live CD, this is really crisp and responsive. Unlike the Gnome 5.1, this didn't automatically connect to the wireless downstairs, but once I managed to get the network manager open (requires digging) told it to search for a network, then told it to connect it worked fine.

Think I'm about to nuke my install of 5.1 in favour of this version. May go back for one last comparative look to convince myself. Looks like the day of me living off a linux box (and making a donation) is getting closer. May even have to learn Wine.

*the reason I didn't know is because it was posted TODAY and the press release wasn't up on their site until this evening. I must have been one of the first to download it, having found it on the mirror, but not taken any notice of the date. Now how cool is that!

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