Thursday, 11 March 2010

Strike first and ask questions later

Mark Mardell's BBC page about 'open carry' rules regarding guns in the US is interesting, both for what the interviewees say and what they don't. There's talk about personal safety and the veiled threat toward politicians that they feel threaten them.

But there's also something not mentioned. What does a would-be robber do when faced with a mark that open-carries? It might put them off, but the most obvious thing is that, if they're desperate enough, they'll simply have to disable their victim first: either with a physical attack or by drawing their (concealed) weapon and using it to take away the openly worn gun. I'm sure that if I were going to rob someone I'd do my darnedest to make sure they couldn't use their gun on me, and that I'd want things to go much worse for them than me. Sure, eventually a thief will get shot, but I wonder how many gun-carrying victims walk away from a crime against themselves?

Or maybe there's something missing?

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