Monday, 29 March 2010

I've been really tired since Thursday

But not particularly sleepy at night.


Never mind.

Went upstairs around 10ish, sat down and played acoustic guitar for 20 minutes - now I KNOW I'm ill - acoustic guitar is 'not my favourite'. Having had enough there, wen and played a strat for another 30 min or so, just running through some minor turn arounds, blues riffs, a little 10cc etc, seeing where things have developed to after almost 3 months of bass playing.

Holding that strat is like having your wife in your hands - it feels great and fits well. I'll stop the metaphor here! There's a reason it's still a fave guitar, and all the stuff that didn't quite work on acoustic just fell into place.

I'm really grateful for the lovely instruments I've been able to own. p.s. anybody want to buy my Heritage Les Paul so I can afford a good bass amp?

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