Saturday, 14 May 2005

Sunshine after the rain.

I've been fighting this week. Among the many things is setting up a wireless home network so the kids can access the net in their rooms (I've explained about history files, although not how to erase them LOL) and it also means that if I bring my laptop home I can do stuff when someone 'needs' this PC. Oh yes, and network the printer.

But the router decided last Sunday (2 days in) to block access to Hotmail and ebay accounts.

It's taken 5 days to work out what the problem was and get it fixed.

Then last night I decided to set up my email accounts (I'd not used my old accounts for the last 2 weeks, since the rebuild). Yet more hassle, trying to get all the info in there and make Thunderbird recognise spam from non-spam.

This morning - success!. Entered the last account's details (this one was tricky to log into with OE) and I find it's been spam free. That was the 2nd best thing that's happened to me this morning, and it isn't even 9.00am yet!

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