Friday, 20 May 2005

I might get in trouble for this.

Or it might be the grace of God to me?

What I'd wanted: something neither too big or too small, comfy for long journeys but with enough enthusiasm to be fun. A fairing was essential, the ability to fit panniers highly desireable and it mustn't be too expensive. A Triumph or a BMW appealed, but they were all a little over what I was willing to pay.

I looked at that duke last weekend, but even if it had been OK, hand on heart it belonged on a race track, rather than work carpark. I'd also seen a Suzuki VX800 - another V twin - that quite appealed, although it lacked excitment and didn't have a fairing. Plus it was dead cheap.

Called about it today - sold yesterday. :-(

The other bike they'd had that was a possibility also went this morning.

Just as I was about to ring off, the guy at the other end mentioned "oh, we've got a Triumph in your price range". He described it, and I knew immediately the machine: it had been just a bit too much but was exactly right. Off he went to talk with the owner - came back with a price that was good.

I've put a holding deposit on it

Now, how to tell Chris?

I feel a little like this

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