Thursday, 26 May 2005

And so to the next stage.

It feels to me like we have transitioned from one stage to the next in our process.

Yesterday we gave press and TV interviews. 5 mins of fame going cheap - any takers?

Today we're feeling things more deeply. Driving with Ben to school this morning I was looking at the hedgerows on the B4260 and wishing I could just disappear to France with Chris on that bike for a week. It wouldn't really fix things: the feelings would come with us, and what I was after was a return to those times when we were a complete family still, able to be happy just enjoying our surroundings.

Chris has just gone upstairs to start sorting clothes for Sarah's body and to clear the room a bit. Our daughter was lovely, but took my preference for distributed filing and storage to the next level (floor of her room seems to be about 6" deep in stuff). At least it'll be easy to sort out the clothes she never wore to get rid of - they're all in wardrobes still. Where's the emoticon for sad smile?

I need to go and help now.

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