Tuesday, 10 May 2005

Sorry not to be around much

Life is busy, and I'm especially trying to spend less time on the net from work.

Apart from having too much work to do, I've found an ever-increasing desire to surf. It got to the point that it was impinging on my work to a way unacceptable degree. I'm going to try to avoid the net from work most of the time, especially first thing in the morning (when I did most of my blogging). I found that coming in early and then blogging for 30 mins left me thinking about blog things, rather than work things. I'd then try to concentrate on work, only to be continually drawn back, wanting to comment of just plain surf.

Very very not-good. The words "net addiction" have been hovering in my brain.

So if things are spartan here, that's the way it's got to be. Better to realise now, than to be told "you're spending too much time on the net".

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