Friday, 26 March 2004

Nothing to do with US presidents either.

Too much to do. Too little time. Too little energy.

I'm trying to both prioritise and reduce my net useage, as I seem to be getting increasingly addicted to it. I struggle with the internet here at work, because I find I want to surf instead of working, and that isn't right. And it's from here that I've tended to blog as well.

Presently work is taking over instead, so in a way I'm grateful that it's breaking through the dependency. It's been really good to be forced to focus hard too. And It's boosted my confidence that I can both produce a huge amount of work when I need to, and innovate to meet new requirements. The only downer is that this is very tiring, and getting home late produces GBH to the ear'ole, and a ratty & stressed wife. Oh, and I tend to neglect my wider responsibilities too.

Hopefully today will be less brisk, and I can start catching up on other things.

BTW if anyone out there reads this and fancies praying, Ben is doing the first half of his GCSE art exam (5 hours worth) today.

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