Sunday, 28 March 2004

Ever wished there was another way?

Just read this article over on the Jordon Cooper website.While I'm not a fan of pirated music either I'm increasingly coming to the conclusion that the whole music/movie biz really wants to hold the world to ransom.

I don't really want to discuss the reasons for CD sales declining, although I'm sure P2P and piracy have little to do with it. However as a musician I feel the whole industry has turned the craft on it's head. I'm beginning to consider seriously trying to record stuff. If I do, I want to make it freely available to everyone, and the internet is an ideal means for that. I really hate the copyright on christian stuff too, especially worship songs. If God gave someone the song then it's His. If they wrote it then I'm not sure it has a place in church anyway. I do understand the need for excellence and high standards, but also have major misgivings about the idea of professional worship writers.

My feeling is that people should increasingly boycott the traditional album sales cycle. New bands should put their stuff on the net, rather than treat it as a 'get rich quick' opportunity.

As for films, I can see things are a bit different, since there is a cash investment up-front, often of titanic proportions. But no-one is going to not see a film in the cinema if they liked it when they downloaded it from the net - in fact they're more likely to go. The only films that will lose will be the 'also rans' - those too mediocre for anyone in their right mind to bother. Incidentally I bought one of those on DVD last week - Biggles - astonishingly bad. I hadn't managed to see it in the 80's when it was first released. It was expensive at £3.99 for the quality of acting etc. But for the length, it could have been shot for an am-dram society.

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