Monday, 8 March 2004

Life has been full

in a manner I don't especially appreciate.

I've managed to bury myself last week. Work has upped the ante: the MD is in Houston leaving me in charge, we've had a customer instrument get damaged while on demo, certain customers required additional QC testing done and I've got an un-hittable deadline to hit. Plus I volunteered (before everything went wrong) to rebuild a PC for someone's father, and THAT has gone defect too (mutters about poxy packard bell, poxy win98 USB non-support, poxy scanners). But hey, what's a little more pressure. Finished tabbing out some data to send to the the parent company about 11.45pm last Thurday night.

Decorated the stairs and landing on saturday. Then got a treacherous tummy as a result of eating too many sour sweets.

Suffering a major dose of the 'wants' at the moment too. I 'want' to get the family a decent digital camera (it would be useful). I 'want' to buy another guitar (it would certainly be used). I don't 'need' any of those things, so I'm going to try to sit this one out. A guitar may get added later, but that's another issue. Greed is a slippery thing to fix, and stress and tiredness make it so much easier to excuse and accept in oneself.

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