Saturday, 27 March 2004

And next week will be fun too!

Friday morning I'm off to Webster Tx. I'll be going to HQ to do some manufacturing development work on a process that won't behave itself. Just hope I can A) see what the real issues are B) find solutions & C) sell them to the guys there without upsetting anyone or getting caught up in local politics. I already know what I want to do, but this is a family company, and the normal rules don't apply. I love some of the guys there, but it can be too easy to get caught up, being everyone's friend, sitting in meetings and eating prodigious quantities of meat (not all bad then ;-)

I'm also going to meet a new 'woman'.

I plan to bring back a Heritage 'Les Paul'. Apparently in immaculate condition, this is around 25% - 30% of the UK new price. In a guitarist magazine test of singlecuts with a Macinturf, Gibson, PRS and Heritage, the heritage was reckoned to have the best sound. Can't wait.

BTW Chris just walked by and told me her 'bum had gone to sleep'. My offer to massage life back in wasn't taken up for some reason :¬(

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