Wednesday, 17 March 2004

Have you ever noticed about temptation?

That it really does happen more when you're vulnerable.

Last night I went shopping late (after housegroup). When I got back I was tired but had to do some emailing and really wanted to blog as well. Just had a quick wander through the fotopic site looking at new galleries. I realised where I was heading with one gallery, and quickly backed out before I ended up in porn.

This morning as a coffee break exercise I went comparing prices on Amazon with one of the other cheap suppliers. Suddenly I've got the 'see more in the page you made' (I didn't make it!!) advertising window showing images from the book "shaven nudists".

I just don't need this, especially not at work. Having said that, at least I'm less likely to risk looking than if I were at home, so I guess I should be grateful. I seem to be stressed in many areas at the moment, and the one thing I REALLY don't need is to not be close to God.

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