Friday, 25 April 2014

We all need to do something new now and again.

Yesterday I was made aware (thanks Libertree) of a software bundle available at a donation price through Gizmag/Stack social.

The bundle included something I've wanted for a while - Snapheal Pro - that I mentioned seeing at the photography show earlier this year. As luck would have it, this particular package was disappointing, because in complete contrast to the demos at the show, removal of unwanted items in the image tends not to be either clean or neat. Hum.

But this is about Rapidweaver, and NOT Snapheal.

This was also included in the bundle. Now I've looked at website creators before, thought 'this will be great' only to end up with WYSIDNWYWITB (what you see is definitely not what you wanted it to be) and sometimes they've been almost unusable for an un-initiate like me, who coded sites in notepad.

So I downloaded, install and gave it a try. The initial interface isn't terribly helpful TBH - a blank page and some icons at the top that don't mean to much. However it came with some decent templates, and after I'd entered site-specific information plus my company logo & ico files things came together rapidly.

There are some quirks, like *some* html commands appear to be automated, but stuff like line breaks seem to need to be entered manually. Weird. But it's making it a lot easier to put together a company page than if I were back in notepad or Opera's HTML editor that I used to build the last CSS-based site.

Hopefully I'll have a corporate web page up quickly & can then start on the photographic business site.

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