Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Opinions are like bottoms

Everyone has an idea about what will build a big, strong church. For some, it's hearing the word of God faithfully and accurately preached, for others it's building a sense of family and community, still others seeing God break into reality through miracles and signs, and for some - shallowest of all - it's having a great worship band and fantastic music.

There are a lot of voices, each declaiming 'what you must do to be a success' or '5 ways to avoid failure' - I've just read a few short articles on The Verge about leading worship bands and being missional and they all had good stuff in them. But it also makes me ask why, when we DO do some of these things well it doesn't seem to build people up or draw them closer to God, while other churches seem to thrive without any of the struggles. Makes me also ask where the reality of God is in there, and whether they are actually affecting the lives of the people who are part of them, or whether they go because it's a comfy, happy place to go & feel good without being challenged?

As for me, I'm just trying to hear God for this place.

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