Thursday, 3 April 2014

How do you see Google+?

I'd given up social media for lent - SM being defined in my mind as places you could have a conversation that was interactive and rapid: Facebook, The Libertree Project and various forums in other words.

Then I realised that I had continued using G+. There's marginally more activity there than on my blog, but only just. I wonder how much money Google have pumped into what is effectively an electronic backstreet? I prefer that it's NOT like facebook - full of dumb stuff and motivational posters - but it is SO very quiet. Even when there are videos of tear gas and rioting. ;-)


  1. Yes - G+ is very quiet. Some people seem to have made themselves at home there but it is a minority. Given Google's record on "sunsetting" projects (RIP Google Reader), that doesn't make me inclined to do any more than take a peek from time to time.

  2. G+ certainly feels like a ghost town. I keep using it, partly because Twitter feels like it could decline & partly because author rank makes it attractive for bloggers to be there. But, my guess is Google's game is more about the way G+ connects the apps into one account for users (inc YouTube, Maps) than just the social media side apof things,

  3. I have a lively stream, mostly due to communities on G+ and following lots of people.

  4. The following thing (and repeating other people's comments) has never really worked for me - probably one of the reasons I avoid twitter.

    Thanks for input everyone.


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