Friday, 4 April 2014

A quick roundup on IT stuff, via El Reg.

OK, 3 interesting things have dropped out over the last few days:

Intel sees the future in truly wireless computing. Lots of stuff in the article, but the interesting bit is at the end. We're taking about computers that don't EVER have wires attached: not for screens, keyboards & mice, internet or even charging/power supply. It reminds me of the maxim that any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic, et voila, up it pops.

We all know Windows XP is about to become orphaned by Microsoft (and if you've not upgraded yet then you should!). Not all countries are being lobbied/pressured to continue with Microsoft's products, and it seems the Tamil Nadu are going to run their civil service using Linux. Munich - a little closer to home - moved their city systems across to linux several years ago, so it's not just a weird 3rd world phenomenon.

And finally, I am about to abandon Firefox/Mozilla as browser & email system of choice.


Why, I hear you ask?

Some of the background is here in an article about Brendan Eich, their Chief Executive being forced to resign. I don't want to support or recommend a company that follows the militant gay agenda (in the same way I don't want to support a company that recommends drunkenness, encourages fornication or presents embezzlement as a valid way to make a living) and to me, their idea of equality and inclusiveness looks like nothing of the kind. Opinions are deeply divided on this, but their actions do not look good to me, so I'm looking for alternatives. Most likely browser of choice will become Opera, but I'm not sure about email client yet.

And a fourth one for a Friday afternoon: As we all suspected, organic food will not protect you from cancer. Big ol' study too, with >600,000 participants. Interesting note on pesticides too, though very much expected here. I'd go along with the suggestion at the end, that you'd be better off buying decent quality food & more fresh fruit & veg than spending extra money on organic foods.

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