Monday, 21 April 2014

Transformers for the Flintstones in 20012 BC

So last night we went to see a film misleadingly named 'Noah'.

I'm mildly amused by my own comparison, but as with all films of books that then make significant changes to the story, I find myself frustrated by the film.

Generally the acting was excellent, but there's nothing you can do if the source material is iffy. I liked Russell Crow, Ray Winstone (suitably brutal and self-seeking) Emma Watson, Jennifer Connolly (didn't recognise her at all - she looked like Demi Moore) and the young guy who played Ham that I'd never heard of (Logan Lerman).

A major frustration is the re-interpretation of a bible story into 21st century North American middle class pop culture, using CGI to produce some interest for a broader audience and a 'save the environment' message for the other side of the liberal culture. But worse than that, the story as re-created simply doesn't hang together as a reflection of a possible reality.

Others have written much longer reviews - go look at Mikey Mo's blog for both his and Joel Klampert's thoughts.

As for me, it was entertainment, but just like someone giving the hobbits lightsabres in LOTR or Daniel Craig telepathy in the latest James Bond films, substantial out of character and era changes spoiled this for me.

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