Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I've had a lent break from social media

and the week before Easter I stopped doing the internet for personal reasons altogether.

It's made me realise what a lot of nut-jobs there are out there, particularly on Libertree.

I'd seriously like to delete myself from facebook now - what a waste of time that is. There are a few friends for whom it's my sole means of contact, but I'm beginning to think it's better value to try to get them to occasionally look at emails than continue with FB.

Am I a bit like someone who has stopped putting sugar in coffee, then after a few weeks goes back to it & hates the taste? ;-)


  1. Whenever I take a break from being online, it makes me rethink my online involvement. Deleting myself off Facebook, leaving forums, quitting MySpace - all came from breaks.

  2. Thanks Fern. Really. Facebook has become almost as ubiquitous a communication form as the telephone, and for some people, I stand a better chance of reaching them through that medium than either email or actually calling. And the international aspect isn't to be underrated either. If it were not for those reasons I'd be long gone.


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