Monday, 7 April 2014

The ups & downs - a bit of grace, a bit of struggle

Saturday I had a tummy under pressure, that I couldn't trust to behave. Yesterday I was a bit tired & vague feeling. Then last night couldn't get to sleep, and when I did, ended up with dreams that made me call out & wake Chris. This morning I started with back ache & now have visual disturbances that make it hard to see properly. Hello Ibuprofen.

And yet.

Saturday evening I had a call from someone, needing someone to dep for them preaching next day, and by the grace of God I was able to pull a word together (Eph 2 v11-22 - part of a series) in a couple of hours. In a way it was nice to be just doing straight teaching on a passage, all very uncomplicated.

Much of the battling that I've been experiencing these last weeks seems to have lifted too, although it would like to come back.

So on we go. Another week, a fresh set of challenges.

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