Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Solitary pleasures this evening.

Today was hard work!

The good thing is that I'm gradually coming up to my usual speed for lab work, having been allowed to break in 'gently' yesterday. So today I had to complete the process I set up yesterday, plus set up a further 152 samples for tomorrow. The samples are all higgledy piggledy with labels that are hard to read, duplications and absences. A lot of care is required to ensure each one is identified clearly and the various numbers required are recorded correctly.

My back just aches from working on the bench all day, from both the effort of holding that position and the tension that precise working generates.

So what solitary pleasures?

Eating, of course.

There is a large immigrant population in Stockholm, and this has resulted in proliferation of kebab houses. I got off the bus half way back from the lab in order to walk, explore and find food. Maccy D was available, but I'll need to be really desperate before I sink to that subsistence level. A kebab house provided seating in the warm and quantities of tasty and enjoyable food. It wasn't exactly salubrious (distinct overtones of kebab houses in Croydon 30 years ago, actually) but it also wasn't (relatively) too expensive either.

I finished off with a lemon flavoured muffin from another 7-eleven. Good heavens, how DO they get so much grease into flour based food? Nice flavour, but I HAD to wash my hands afterward.

I could usefully work for a couple of hours this evening, both on the data from the lab and on homework from the pastoral training course. TBH I'm so tired I may just stick on 'I am leg end' for a couple of hours mindless entertainment. TTFN (or see you on your blog in a bit).

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