Wednesday 14 January 2009

I am a little nervous.

I shall be abroad for 2 weeks on Saturday.

Week 1, as I've mentioned already, is skiing in Austria. Great fun, great snow (they're due a load the day after we arrive) and great company.

Week 2 is making me nervous.

Week 2 is a working week. In a 'strange' lab. In a country whose language I cannot even get by with. With public transport system I've never used before.

I have to travel approx 3-4km across the centre of Stockholm, probably in the snow, and on Monday, carrying a certain amount of kit with me.

I have no doubt it can be done OK, and I'm sure it will be 'fun' to do. But the anticipation right now feels like nervous butterflys in my stomach.

My approach to problems is to dive in, and that feels so much more comfy.

The trip is something to look forward to, but it will require a big dose of 'right first time' and while I don't doubt my ability, I am far from perfect.

It's going to be an interesting 2 weeks.

Hope I don't break a leg skiing!

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