Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I am getting used to the Mac now.

There are certain things that have really come to be a huge boon.

For the first time ever, multiple desktops have a reason for existing, and I'm using 3 and 4 finger swipes to move between programs and files. 2 finger scrolling is great, although tap to click is a little hit and miss, and especially right clicking.

I'm noticing the blurry fonts less, except when I get back on windows and am amazed at how sharp and clear everything is.

All the faults remain (blanking screen on VGA output, broken mail client etc). I haven't managed to migrate all my outlook addresses very effectively yet, and much have another go. The phone and Mac sync fine, but because of the limitations of the Mac address book data flow is one way only ATM. I also like the ability to create web clippings (great for ski resort reports etc) even if Safari will never be my browser of choice.

But it is now a fully workable tool, and one that is being made to work for me.

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