Monday, 5 January 2009

I can't tell you

How much I enjoyed playing for worship yesterday.

Even though the first song was a trainwreck (wrong key, keyboard laying a different song altogether). It was just so good to be back with a guitar playing songs with the right rhythms at the right speed with the right feel for them. One of my favourite strats (they're both favourites) 18 watter, acoustic for a couple at the start.

I've really missed playing for worship this Christmas break.

I just feel I need to put some more info into this. We were talking last night, and it seems there's a much wider context to take into account. I think a lot of the fun actually came from God enjoying what we were doing: the slight lack of musicality didn't matter compared to the way everyone was giving themselves. The bible talks about everyone having something to bring when the church comes together, and while not everyone can speak out, everyone can actively participate instead of spectate. There was a lot of participation rather than just watching for what the leader would sing next.

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