Sunday, 11 March 2007

Just spent 2 hours

with a lad of 11.

He's been playing guitar for 1 year, and just bought himself a new Mexican-made strat (with a little parental loan). Just now he learned to play 4 songs that he didn't know plus I showed him a scale and spent time setting his guitar up a bit.

This boy is going to be GOOD.

He's going to play in the worship band this afternoon. He already knows about compensating and leaving space for other musicians: I could hear him altering strumming patterns to fit in. Last thing we covered was a basic blues scale. Because his hands are so small he's finding it difficult to cover a 3 fret stretch, but as he grows it's going to get easier.

It's a good first time together. Next time we'll have to look at the spiritual side of playing in a worship band - technical ability isn't *that* important compared.

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