Wednesday, 7 March 2007

One last post

I've been trying to sell my Heritage Les Paul for a little while now, but I've also been wondering if God really wants me to let it go (yeah, right, you have an expensive guitar and you're trying to rationalise getting rid of it? Sure!).

One of the bands that played for that open air festival last September had a get-together again Monday night. Just for a change I took the Heritage and a strat but ended up playing the Heritage all evening. I've not played a guitar with big tones and lots of sustain at decent volume and gain levels for a long time - it felt GOOD to rock.

Anyway. In the airport on the way out I picked up a couple of cheap CDs, including 'Stagefright' which was a recording of Motorhead's gig at Düsseldorf in 2004 (ironic as I was flying to Düsseldorf). Bored in my room last night, I bunged it in the laptop.

As soon as Lemmy spoke for the first time I thought "he sounds like he's had a part in 'last of the summer wine'".

But I was amazed that:

a) The music was SO simple and yet they could get away with it.
b) Lyrical content aside I really quite liked it, and wouldn't mind playing that kind of stuff.

Now I couldn't do a 2 hour set of that stuff, as it's just too boring. But to rock out for 30min like that would be HUGE fun. Now these guys came across as sounding OLD - not when they played (they had energy and drive) but when they spoke and the way they looked made me feel young! Who knows? If Mick and Keef, Lemmy, Phil Campbell etc can keep rocking at their age, maybe I can too.

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