Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Just got back.

................this evening from a trip to Luden, near Dortmund in Germany. There won't be a big write-up like the Grenoble trip this time, as there were less notable and funny things that happened.

Suffice to say, it rained. The Germans speak much better English than the French but their hotels are not necessarily any better - just different. I stayed in a place called De Handweberei - the hand weavers. They hand-produce their own cloth, including making robes for the pope (don't forget the present pope is of German origin).

It was clean and comfortable and therefore a lot better than the Ibis at Cergy Pontoise.

Oh, just one more thing - the lass in the lab we visited looked JUST like my first (and only other) girlfriend would have if she'd reached her late 20s/early 30s and kept her figure and looks from when I knew her. Curious. Sue Budworth - if you read this, apparently there could be another you, born around 15 years later in a different country.

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