Thursday, 15 March 2007

There seem to be certain things

that trigger 'regrettable' behaviour in people.

I've found myself saying things over the last few days here at work that I don't necessarily mean and are provocative relating to the manner in which we are approaching our health and safety processes. H&S thinking in the UK IS stupid and ill-considered: it's all about protecting anyone from having to take personal responsibility for their actions.

In other places I see people behaving the same way. There's someone on a forum that, when he sees a view that doesn't match rightwing conservative politics, immediately assumes you're a gay communist and posts accordingly.

Guess this is useful for helping me understand why people do what they do. Wish I could find a way of dealing with it personally, other than to grit my teeth, smile falsely and try my darndest not to say what I think. It doesn't help when you don't trust that person to do the right thing, and I can feel respect is going to be the next casualty. I seriously wonder if I need to move on, but that is just dodging this SPECIFIC issue?

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