Monday 18 December 2006

Thoughts on 'Godmen'

Rather than whitter and replicate stuff here, let me link to 2 excellent threads on Fernando's desk:

The first and most significant thread.

The second thread.

If you've not heard of Godmen (and that's not too surprising) then it may be worth following up some of the links on Fern's page.

Personally I see it as a reaction to the increasingly aggressive message from some parts of the church that women not only might aspire to leadership, but that they should expect it. In addition to that, for a long time the church has seen far more women through its doors than men, to the point where many of us are asking *why?*. I'm sure it's all linked to the fundamentally different and complementary characters of men and women, and the way in which structures have been built that required a male character that is unfashionable in current society to operate them.

I'll stop now.

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