Thursday, 7 December 2006

We have just had a classic experience.

A piece of equipment has been delivered around 9.30am this morning.

It is too tall by approx 1" to fit into any of the rooms off the main corridor.

The door frames are welded steel, and cannot simply have a bead removed.

The equipment weighs 320+ Kg, and cannot be laid down for technical reasons.

The equipment *looks* like a washing machine and tumble drier (it's a freeze-drier). Everyone naturally assumes that because it appears in 2 halves, all we need to do is unbolt the top and separate them.

The equipment was scheduled to be delivered at 4ish this afternoon. In 2 halves disassembled by an engineer.

Suggestions have ranged from dynamiting the doorways (in response to my idea of using an angle grinder to cut out a section of steel frame) to moving it back outside and making a water feature of it.

We await developments with bated breath.

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