Thursday, 21 December 2006

A little bushed this evening

It's been effectively non-stop since I got home. The stove is now fitted (and I'm not happy with the fitting, but hey ho, my own fault there) but it's in. Want to give it a day for the fire cement to harden off first. Pics when it's been lit and looks wonderful, rather than black, lumpen and hidden away in the fireplace.

When fitting and tidying was completed, off to wunnerful Tesco to see what they've run out of this time. Got most of what I need except meat for the main courses over Christmas and also bread, which will be left to the last minute. Still can't decide what to cook, but we're planning to take Johanna to Oxford on Saturday, and we'll visit the covered market, where meat ideas are always available, if a little unaffordable (£45 for a goose I saw there Tuesday!).

Bed soon, just finish my drink.

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