Monday, 8 May 2006

Today I'm mostly.......

..... watching the mist and rain.

I seem to have some kind of coldy thing, which explains at least partly why I was so odd last week. Sunday I felt rather sickish and headachey - not good as we had a dedication (Mair's new Grandson for those that know people) and I was down as the only musician. Clive was kind enough to step in on keyboards for a couple of hymns, which was much appreciated as my sense of timing was off with the fairies and ditto my appreciation of the finer points of chord useage.

I did manage to complete a mini amplifier - a super low cost build - that sounds great. I had to buy a few parts, but managed to use some salvaged bits from a junk amp plus some left overs. The amp looks like this and some clean soundclips can be heard here. It sounds and behaves a lot like my old Vox AC30 - overdrive doesn't really start until it's getting near half volume, although it's much more responsive to play with sweeter tonality. I'll try to record some dirty clips tonight - when the family are out! You wouldn't believe how loud a 5 watt amp is able to be. I've been wondering about the amp building side of things, and have decided to name 'my' amps Metisse Amps, and because of the tonal quality this one has been named the 'purity'.

And one more development I've just found out about - I'm now off to Beaune in France alone. I was going with the MD on Thursday, but now he's been summoned to a meeting in the US tomorrow. I shall have to screw all my courage up to meet and make small talk with all sorts of much brighter people. Hope I don't say anything too stoopid.

Right, off to the lab.

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