Friday, 19 May 2006

Have you ever seen......

..........a film that you enjoyed, but knew everyone else would think was pants?

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is that film for me.

In many places it's just SSSOOOOO bad it's almost painful. Yet at its heart it captures the 'boys own' and 'Dan Dare' comic atmosphere so perfectly that its brilliant. Much of the acting is plain wooden (even Angelina Jolie can't redeem it) but the humans are totally overshadowed by the CGI, which is fantastic in both senses. The realisation of the robots simply works, and the atmosphere is authentically 1950s science fiction.

It's about as plausible as a chocolate fireguard, but it you're asking those kind of questions about reality then you've missed the point already, and should go see the da Vinci code instead.

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