Sunday 21 May 2006

This morning we wandered up to the churchyard.

The Banbury stonemasons worked hard to getthings done in time. This isn't quite what we'd planned but it's fine for now.

Karl had already been there before us.

We weren't really up for taking lots of photos, but this gives an idea of what the surroundings are like.

Thank you everyone who's praying for us. I woke up with that feeling of being bouyed up, and even though the sadness breaks through I'm aware of the love and care surrounding us.

We're off to spend the day with family later. The church meeting is happening in central Oxford, so I don't need to play, and to be honest the Oxford meetings don't usually work for me anyway, although todays speaker is good.

Dan and Kita came by late last night after they'd finished working. It was good to see them - I really hope Dan is OK through this day too. Two people who've had some really traumatic things happen, yet are walking with God and looking upward instead of down.

Finally our love and birthday wishes to Olivia - 18 today - what a reminder for a birthday. We love you, Liv, and don't forget it.

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