Wednesday, 7 April 2004

She's here!

The woman I talked about has arrived, and is now waiting for my caress here in the apartment :-)

Actually, it's no substitute for my wife, who, for various reasons I find incredibly frustrating, I haven't spoken with for the last 2 days. Yes, I'm missing her lots.

But anyway, when she arrived I whipped her out of the case, tuned up roughly and (unplugged) launched into first a bit of rock'n'roll (actually a kids song from church ;-) then 'All right now'. Even more amazing, no bum notes and the people around me recognised it!

As a minor aside, the job I'm here for seems to be going well (thanks if you've prayed for me) with me finding things as I'd expected, and good acceptance of my proposed countermeasures so far. If the data I want to generate in the next couple of days continues to support things then Robert is pater's brother, as they say.

Here's hoping.

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