Sunday, 4 April 2004

Day 2, feeling a little 'delicate' today.

Yesterday afternoon I walked along to the Baybrook mall from the residence inn, which is right by the space centre, did some shopping and walked back. "Big deal - why's he telling us?" I hear you ask. Well, that describes a nearly 4 hour excursion, walking beside busy roads that mostly had no pavements etc - I felt like I had done a 10 mile hike through countryside. There was certainly a good few obstacles to navigate.

By the time I was back I was footsore and aching, managed a few lengths of the hotel pool, then shower and out to eat. Being alone, I went to a local mexican restuarant. Now I was so bushed that I really didn't want more than a quiet meal, but you know how it is - people want to know what you want to drink etc from the moment you walk in the door, so I let the guy select a mexican beer (Bohemia, quite nice actually) and I managed to choose some food. Well, the beer was only in a half pint bottle, so I had a second during the meal, paid and left. When I got to the apartment I really WAS tired, and was stupid enough to just lay down. Bompf.

Some hours later I managed to rise, brush teeth etc before getting into bed properly. Hence my delicate condition today. That must be some beer.

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