Wednesday, 23 January 2019

So we had snow last night

Winter in Britain is a bit pathetic these days, and despite the snow coming down in large lumps, it barely settled at all around here. The harshest winter experience I've known in the last 12 months was actually back in September between Caronport  Canmore and Wetaskiwin in Canada, as their autumn was getting going.

In some ways it's great that things aren't so cold, but we've seen a big change here, even compared with 15 years ago when the valley floor would sometimes flood & freeze hard enough to skate on.


  1. Caronport? You were there? Did you know that's my hometown? (Other than those first 7 years in the Netherlands).

  2. IIRC we drove past it between Banff & Wetaskiwin.

    NUTS! It was Canmore. :( I remembered the name BECAUSE it was your first Canadian hometown. Sorry.

  3. Ah yes. A little different! I didn't think you'd spent much/any time on the prairies!


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