Wednesday, 23 January 2019

It's a little sad to see the slow death

Of the Windows phone. I KNOW it's going to be unsupported at the end of this year, but rather than keep it running right up to the end, it's getting the death of a thousand cuts (if there were ever that many apps available to be closed down). Contactless payment is the latest victim.

Once again, I'm staggered that Microsoft really have so little clue about running a business that makes and supports stuff. I sometimes see this kind of behaviour in other, smaller businesses, but somehow I expect an organisation that turns over multi-billions of dollars to be better guided, more consistent and thorough, less forgetful. If nothing else I expect managed, planned obsolescence, ESPECIALLY in public-facing areas where ordinary people are expected to buy stuff from them & become repeat customers. This seems to just be a trainwreck happening while I watch.

More than 6 months after jumping ship I miss my Lumia 640. It was slowish, didn't have much screen life (or a great screen) but I liked the interface - the Xiaomi is a much better phone, but Android isn't that great an OS to work with.

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