Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Card




The business card sat there, staring enigmatically back at me as though the arrangement of words were entirely conventional, and any curiousness were down to my parochialism and inexperience. Nobody knew why it had been the only item with any text that had survived the 350 storey fall when Sagbaart was pushed - or jumped - and became a very shallow person indeed.


I have this very card sat here next to me, and it struck me how at one time it might have inspired a major science fiction series, but now in business marketing it's just another device used to attract attention among a million others all trying to attract attention. Reality and scifi have collided, and the result is...... ordinary. I'm almost tempted to attempt writing a story around this, but fear it would get abandoned without completion as my energy and interest were drawn away to other things. 

At lunch we were discussing the incredible way in which the internet has made so much information available to those who can find it, though this time in the context of looking up past court records. The information age is quite astonishing, but instead of heralding in an age of peace, wisdom, understanding and prosperity, mankind is the same as it's always been.

FWIW I do consider the card clever, and the business behind this does seem to be doing some interesting things.

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