Saturday, 30 January 2016

Finally wore out

the running shoes that I bought back in Nov 2014, with a 9 mile run this morning. The sole wore through to the foam on the left outside toe area, and I was starting to have my doubts about them after the grumbles from my knees.

Went to a running shop in Banbury (no website) and they did a video gait check (have you had your gait checked? No-one's even been to look at my fence yet mrs.) that shows I keep my foot flat and ankle straight, rather than pronate. The previous shoes were bought on the basis of correcting (assumed) overpronation because I have very flat feet, the effect being that when running, I usually land on the outside edge of the shoe instead of the middle of my foot. The replacements have a lot more 'spring' to them, as well as better cushioning, and remind me of the first pair of 'real' running shoes I ever bought that made me feel like I had springs under each foot; a wonderful sensation when I was young enough to fly along.

Running on a treadmill was a bizarre experience, where I wanted to run on the balls of my feet, rather than with my whole foot, and 10kph felt almost too fast despite this being slower than my usual pace on the road. It's also slightly intimidating when the ground beneath your feet moves with a power and speed that you can't control directly.

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